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Commercial services

Preferential Resource Swaps If you find it cheaper in the Galactic Market, we'll refund the difference!

Ready for consumption and destruction: Rate of 30% over 5 years // 20% over 10 years // 10% negotiable at the customer's head and tentacles


Mercenary & Bounty Hunter

- We rent our fleets Rates on estimate depending on the target (space monsters, empires, etc.). It will be possible to take out insurance so as not to have to reimburse the lost vessels

- We discretely recruit mercenary empires for you ready to support you when needed 10% of the cost requested by the other empire. (Modified)



Economic intelligence

- Rental of an information service Special offer for 1st customer: only 10 credits / month

- Provision of a targeted or complete report of information Prices on estimate

- Hostile espionage operation Cost of the operation + 50% commission

- Our contacts and active links open for you 600 credits one, 1000 the total

- Publication of information / disinformation Discovery rate at 500 credits

- Purchase and sale of information in complete discretion Package "My first dark web" for a 20% commission for the purchase of information and 0% for the first information you sell to us


- Diplomacy Insult for you a vile xeno 500 credits, single use. 1000 credits, used in 3 empires


- Ballot stuffing: we sell our vote to the Senate 90% of our diplomatic weight in credits


- Buying votes: You want to try to ensure the vote of other empires in the Senate or even in your own federation or other federations (to fire a friend who is more than enough friend, etc.).


- We are your intermediary and guarantee your immunity. 20% of the cost requested by the other empire

Loyalty offer


* Privileged customers, members of the “We take credits (and bodies)” federation will benefit from free access to all the services offered !!!

* Our business partners, and to a certain extent migratory, will receive, and above all may request, regular special offers! We sell goodies. For any donation of 1000 credits, we offer you a random and quality gift!

Data security Your privacy is our priority.

No commercial information will be used or revealed against you.

This commitment on our part to the total and unconditional protection of your data is offered to you in full for ten years following the use of our economic intelligence and diplomacy services. This confidentiality period is extended to 20 years for mercenary services. This policy is revocable in advance only in the event of non-payment.

A genocidal or crisis-ridden empire will always be immune, as long as it pays. More details and contractual notices in the attached brochure. The prices are indicated in constant credits value 2210. (modified)

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