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Secret roles



october 29 & 30

25-35 players

In Week-end

The End of Times is near

The End of the Cycle has decreed the End of your Galaxy.

Will you be strong and ambitious enough to be chosen by Her as a Nemesis? On the contrary, will you be mad enough to oppose His Will and oppose his henchmen?


Game based on the mechanics of Loup-Garou de Thiercelieux, the identities of each player will not be revealed until a certain number of decades have passed, after which everything will accelerate until the outbreak of a Great Conflict in the scale of the Galaxy!


specific roles & mechanics

You will be able to play as a Megacorp and wage a merciless trade war with your cronies for complete control of the market, until His Imperial Majesty, the Galactic Emperor crowns you Owner of the Imperial Charter, securing you victory! ...


At the very least, if you manage to keep this title without going to war!


Other more specific roles will be available, such as the Protégé who will have to build his Megastructures under the control of an Ancient Empire in his corner, the Defender who will have to ensure the survival of the weakest or that of the Criminal who will have to be the most deceitful and the most vile of all in order to get out of the game!

Complete rules, all implemented by a mod

Most of the rules are implemented in the game via a mod developed by our teams especially for the occasion and therefore do not require any active attention from the players!

The entire Rulebook is available here: 


A Game Master to support you

A Game Master will be at your disposal for any questions relating to the part before, during and after.


He will be responsible for the game, so do not hesitate to ask him, it is his role!


He will also take care of the smooth running of the game and help players of one faction or another with advice if too big an imbalance looms.

Halfway between roleplay and competitive

Whether you are an experienced player or new to the game, don't worry!


Each camp will end up with good players and others more modest for an adequate overall balance! No minimum skill required!


Come as you Are ! The best players will have to take risks anyway

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