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strategic resources

Gas, Crystals or Particles, that's our business and at prices that beat all competition! (Especially these Glabistois from the galactic market)


2/3 of the market price when the deal is first mentioned, drops to 3/5 the second and 1/2 from the third! 


diplomatic weight

Need to pass a galactic law not very popular with the rest of the galaxy? So come buy our favor and our diplomatic weight! 

1) 1 favors = 1/10 of our diplomatic weight in credit.

2) All of our weight = 100% of our diplomatic weight in credit. 

3) If you are trying to repeal a trade law, or move the galactic market when we have it, don't even think about it. 



Do you want one of your neighbor to find himself with the door slammed in his face when coming to us? That he cannot take advantage of our (Sumptuous) services?


It's possible ! For terms ranging from 5 to 30 years, you can push us to boycott an empire of our services! 

1) Cannot be performed on multiple empires simultaneously.

2) Can be broken anytime, but no refund.

3) The deals already in place with the targeted empire will not be broken.

4) Cannot target the same empire twice in a row, or 15-year boycott-free period.

Loyalty offer


If we have a commercial pact with you, for each portion of X commercial values produced by your planets where we have a branch, you will benefit from a 5% reduction on all our services, up to 30%!

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