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Commercial services

Are your buildings, habitats or mega-infrastructures costing you too much?  we have at your disposal a large choice of materials and alloys at very reasonable prices.

Ready for consumption and destruction. One-off exceptional rate of 25% over 5 years or 20% over 10 years. 


Subscriptions & loyalty

You  want some  more but your purse can't afford it? No problem here are our subscriptions

Silver: For the modest sum of 30 credits per month you benefit  information / month on the empire of your choice and a 5% reduction on resource exchanges.

gold: For 70 credits per month you benefit from a personal information service,  your information will be protected the more you will get  6% reduction in resource exchanges.

Black gold: For 120 credits per month from a personal information service, your information protected and you will get 9% off resource trading. But also the unlimited insult package and active protection against hackers and other space threats.

Platinum:  Our most prestigious offer for 200 credits per month have unlimited access to all our services, but also a 10% reduction on all resource exchanges, as well as a 5% reduction on all consumer loans.


Economic intelligence

- Rental of an intelligence service:


- Reduction  if you order several  at once

-  Provision of a targeted or comprehensive report of information


- Consult our catalog to know our services and our prices

- Hostile spy operation  


- Cost of the operation + 50% commission

- Publication of information / disinformation


- 500 credits per information

- Purchase and sale of information discreetly


- 9 pieces of information bought the 10th offered

-  Insult a vile xeno for you


- 500 credits, single use. Unlimited insult package from 15 credits / month with 10 years of commitment.

Ease of payment

All of our prices are in credits, but can be paid with any other commodity based on the galactic market price at the time of signing the contract.


Protection of your data against all sales  =  for 20 credits / month, no information about you will be sold by our company.  

For 50 credits  / month, our agents will forget until the existence of your empire

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