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Privileged access to the Beyond ™ ️ is reserved for those who have discarded their material possessions. We, the Holy Mercantile Order, are at your side to accompany you on this journey and relieve you of this burden.


 Commercial services

Nature, in her infinite goodness, offers multiple resources to her humble servants. We can share these priceless treasures for a fair reward for the work done. (Count a decime per unit in addition to the production stroke, to finance the outdoor swimming pool of the monastery of Sainte-Nytoosh.)

Usury being one of the most abject sins, all of our loans are guaranteed without interest. However, in order to honor the Holy Scriptures Accounting, the amount of the reimbursement is increased by one decime.

Any type of monetary unit is accepted for transactions (depending on the market exchange rate). We nevertheless refuse the offers of miracles of multiplication of foodstuffs because of inflation.


Diplomatic services 

Any diplomatic proposal (including the buying or selling of favors) is negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

The Holy Mercantile Order maintains an independent policy and declines all responsibility in the event of excommunication or punitive holy war.


Information services

If the ways of the divine are impenetrable, we can nevertheless use our inquisitive powers to reveal the cabals of unbelievers / debtors / evil avatars (underline the appropriate option) of your choice at a courtesy (excluding personnel cost).

Any request for an operation must be compensated by the payment of a donation equivalent to its cost (plus the tithe) in favor of the charitable works of the Order.

The propaganda information communicated by our ministries is guaranteed by theological infallibility.


Any posted publication is taxed with one credit per character (redactions by our censorship department are not reimbursed).


Pacification services

Shedding blood is the antithesis of the values of our Order. This is why only ray and electric weapons equip our ships.

We have the authority to proclaim a crusade against a heretical empire (according to the tariffs of the propaganda edicts). The responsibility for carrying out the said crusade is left to the requesting entity.

Our holy armada can be sold in the form of spare parts, individually blessed (see section "Commercial services"). We also offer great discounts on rosaries to hang on the interior mirror.

For our faithful (customers)  

For any trade agreement signed, a temple is built at our expense on each of your worlds (offer negotiable depending on the degree of resistance to conversion).

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